ADB Unplugged

Product Requirements:

Mac OS 6.5 - Mac OS 9.2.2

Latest Version:


Release Date:

February 9, 1998




adb_unplugged102.sit (5 kB)

What's new:


About 4000 years ago, Macs shipped with ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) ports instead of USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. ADB was pretty cool at the time, but one problem it had was that all devices needed to be connected to the computer at boot time. Hot swapping was loosely supported, but definitely not recommended.

Those working in server rooms (like I was) with a single keyboard and mouse for all the Macs therein (like I had) would hot swap ADB devices anyway because it was just too inconvenient shut down a server just to be able to connect the keyboard and mouse. When hot-connected, the ADB mouse had a really slow tracking speed, meaning I needed to move it about 3 metres just to get across the screen.

For this reason I wrote ADB Unplugged, which resets the ADB ports any time you'd like (such as, after you've connected a mouse). Once the ADB ports are reset, the mouse should move around the screen at a normal speed. It may or may not have a similar effect on other ADB devices such as tablets, etc.

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