Enjoy The Silence

Product Requirements:

Specific versions of the programs to be patched.

Latest Version:


Release Date:

January 27, 2001




enjoy_the_silence112.sit (80 kB)

What's new:


This pack of patchers aims to remove unecessary and (to me) annoying user interaction from some common applications.

Changes for the Chooser (v7.6.2)
This patch will stop the chooser from reminding you to "choose page setup" every time you switch printers.

Changes for Eudora (v5.0.1 & Eudora lite 3.1.3)
I would be the first to say that Qualcomm's Eudora is a great email program, but it does have a few strange habits that really irk me:

  1. It beeps if one tries to save an outgoing email message that doesn't need saving.
  2. It beeps AND displays a dialog if one accidently taps a key while reading an email message.
  3. When "Alert" email notification is set, it puts up an alert just to tell me I have NO mail.

These patches simply remove this unnecessary user interaction.

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